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Foxfyre Cattery
Exotic Cats on Kauai

Ch. Foxfyres Theadorable and kittens
Foxfyre Ranch has been breeding top quality Abyssinian cats, both short and long haired (Somali) for over 20 years. We strive for higher standards of excellence with each generation and add imported lines from only the top breeders whose careful breeding practices are reflected in beautiful cats living long healthy lives. The Abyssinian, Somali, and Ocicat breeds represented at Foxfyre epitomize the sheer grace, natural beauty and elegance that are the very essence of the wild jungle cats. These animals make it possible for all of us to bring the awesome mystique of the jungle into our own living rooms.

My name is Helen Savadge and I am the owner of Foxfyre Ranch on the beautiful “Garden Island” of Kauai, Hawaii. Here at Foxfyre, the horses are my profession but I like to say that the cats are my passion. I can clearly remember being spellbound the first time I saw a photograph of two Abyssinian cats well over 25 years ago. I cut the picture out and pinned it to my wall. My search for that most perfect creature had begun.

The Abyssinian, affectionately known as the "Aby," is considered to be one of the oldest “breeds” of cat in existence. Their perfect camouflage coat has proven successful for many wild animals from deer to wildcats and from deserts to jungles. Cats resembling Abyssinians have been found in parts of Egypt, India, Greece and Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). Images resembling our Abyssinians have been found in Egyptian tomb paintings. Some of the smaller breeds of African wild cats also look remarkably like the Abyssinian.

When I located an Abyssinian breeder on Oahu I discovered that he also bred Somali cats which are the glamorous long-haired variety of the Abyssinian. The wild, mountain lion look of the Aby is muted in Somalis by their longer hair, tufts in their ears, and a full, plume-like tail. And yet the exotic wild look is very much a part of the breed. A Somali cat trotting across a field could very easily be mistaken for a fox! The tail is considered the crowning glory of the Somali and really sets them apart from the Abyssinian. The Somali is a very friendly and affectionate cat. They love attention, are playful, intelligent, and very active, but gentle and soft voiced. The Somali has the same ticked coat as the Abyssinian, but it is silkier, softer and much longer. Of medium size, with a lithe and muscular build and its fox-like tail, the Somali is an ideal cat for the owner who wants the luxury of owning a long-hair cat with only the minimal care required of a short-haired.

 The arrival of my first somali marked a turning point in my long career with animals.  Indeed my horse ranch is named Foxfyre in homage to the cats.  I found my first somali so sweet and affectionate that I named her Theodorable.  Having been involved with showing both dogs and horses I now decided to become involved in showing Somali cats.  Having purchased a show quality kitten I was pleased at how quickly she became a champion.  We then purchased a beautiful Grand Champion stud from Shavonna Cattery who went on to produce many beautiful kittens.  In fact the very first kitten born at Foxfyre went on to win Best in Show at her first CFA show.


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