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Foxfyre Cattery
Our Cats

Abyssinian and Somali Queens

Foxfyre's Sunrise Serenade
  "Sunny" is an Abyssinian Variant.  This means she is capable of having both Abyssinian (short haired) and Somali (long haired) kittens.  She is the dominant color, called Ruddy in the US or Tawny in other countries.  Abyssinians also come in red (or cinnamon), blue and fawn.  Sunny's blue and cinnamon offspring can be seen on our Contact page.  Her fawn somali daughter is below.

Foxfyre's Moonlight Lady
  aka "Marilyn Monroe"  This lovely girl is a fawn Somali. 

Our Studs
Glenmaulyn Dream Seker of Foxfyre
We searched across the globe to find the perfect Abyssinian stud for our girls.  "Seker" has the perfect combination of genetic health and drop dead gorgeous looks.
Ocivalley Boomerang of Foxfyre

Foxfyre is proud to announce the arrival of our beautiful Australian Ocicat "Boomer", who is fresh from winning Best of Breed and Third Best Kitten in Show at his very first show. We are very fortunate to have this beautiful boy in Hawaii and look forward to his future kittens!

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